Inspired by the country song refrain: “God is great, beer is good, people are crazy”, Paul will explore our relationship with God, the goodness in His creation, and the appropriate Christian response to alcohol.

In this podcast, reflecting on Scripture, quotes from the saints, and personal experiences, Paul will help us better understand human nature and the allure of intoxicating drink. A home-brewer himself, Paul shares about the longstanding relationship between the Catholic Church’s religious orders and the art of beer-making. In “A Theology of Drinking,” reflect upon one of the many gifts that God has given us: beer.

The REAP (Retreat Evangelization and Prayer) Team is a retreat ministry of the Catholic Youth Apostolate. Using humor, dramatic skits, faith-sharing, and music, the REAP Team’s focus is to touch young people’s hearts, open their minds, and stir their souls with the love of Jesus Christ. Born and raised in St. Louis, Paul is happily married with four children. He has faithfully served youth all over the country for over thirty years as a member of the REAP Team.