Discipulus: The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas

Discipulus: The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas
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The Discipulus Institute presents “The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas” with Nathan Doerr.

The Philosophy of the Angelic Doctor

St. Thomas Aquinas is unequivocally one of the greatest minds in the history of the Church.  He synthesized the truth contained in the writings of best of the Greek philosophers with the divine revelation handed on through the Church.  Wishing to express the singularity he enjoys even among the other Church doctors, Pope Pius XI conferred on him the title of “Universal or Common Doctor of the Church.”  Leo XIII wrote that Thomas single-handedly “victoriously combated the errors of former times, and supplied invincible arms to those to rout which might in aftertimes spring up.”  Pius X said his metaphysics was like “gold which no acid can dissolve,” and that he who deviates from it runs “grave risk.”

What exactly is in the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, and why is it so important to study it? Isn’t this only relevant for priests or teachers? Hasn’t science disproven Aquinas’ arguments for God’s existence?  Come and find out the answers to these questions.

The text for this course is Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide by Ed Feser (Oneworld Publications, 2009)

Course Outline:

1) Metaphysics Part I (Feb. 2)

2) Metaphysics Part II (Feb. 9)

3) The Existence of God and the Divine Attributes (Feb. 16)

4) The Existence and Immortality of the Soul (Feb. 23)

5) Ethics (March 2)

“Again, if we are to avoid the errors which are the source and fountain-head of all the miseries of our time, the teaching of Aquinas must be adhered to more religiously than ever. For Thomas refutes the theories propounded by Modernists in every sphere, in philosophy, by protecting, as We have reminded you, the force and power of the human mind and by demonstrating the existence of God by the most cogent arguments…Accordingly, just as it was said to the Egyptians of old in time of famine: “Go to Joseph,” so that they should receive a supply of corn from him to nourish their bodies, so We now say to all such as are desirous of the truth: “Go to Thomas,” and ask him to give you from his ample store the food of substantial doctrine wherewith to nourish your souls unto eternal life.”- Pope Pius XI, Studiorum Ducem, §27, 28

Nathan Doerr is a theology teacher at St. Dominic High School.  He studied philosophy at Cardinal Glennon College and systematic theology at Christendom College.

Event Details

Date(s) - February 9, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Kenrick–Glennon Seminary

Presented by:
Discipulus Institute

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