The Heights of Holiness: Attaining Sanctity with the Saints

The Heights of Holiness: Attaining Sanctity with the Saints
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The Discipulus Institute presents The Heights of Holiness: Attaining Sanctity with the Saints with Fr. Ray Buehler


“Verso L’Alto!” – “To the Summit!” Bl. Pier Gorgio Frassati would exclaim, encouraging his companions as they scaled mountains and traversed crevices together.  But even more, it was his rallying cry in encouraging them to pursue a life of heroic virtue and prayer – ultimately, in pursuing sanctity.  St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta often said, “holiness is an ordinary thing.”  The Church at the Second Vatican Council reiterated the timeless call that everyone is called to be holy – this isn’t the special province of priests and religious.

But what does it mean to be holy, and how do I attain it?

In this course, we will follow the example and teachings of several saints in learning what it takes to scale the heights of holiness; the challenges, and the even greater joys.  As a text, we’ll use the modern classic, ‘The Fulfillment of All Desire’ by Dr. Ralph Martin.  In it, he presents to us the wisdom of the doctors of the Church, that we might learn from their experience and insights, as well as the profound hope, that at any stage of life, anyone can, by the grace of God, become a Saint.


Course Outline:

1)     Get off your duff: What does it mean to be holy?  What are obstacles?  What are the first stages of conversion?

2)     Gear for the climb: What are some of the basic means?  What is the mindset of a saint?  How to combat the enemy of your soul: sin.

3)     Beware of bears: The role of prayer in the pursuit.  What are the temptations and trials to be expected and surmounted?

4)     I’ll take the ski lift: What it takes to move beyond just being a ‘good Catholic’.  Shedding the things that hold us back, and letting God take the reins.

5)     The view is magnificent: The interior life of a saint.  What does it mean for our soul to be in union with God?  What are the fruits?

6)     Never coming down: Special topics on the pursuit of sanctity.


Bio: Fr. Buehler is a diocesan priest and associate pastor at St. Gerard Majella.  He was ordained in 2013 after six years in formation at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary.  Prior to attending seminary, he studied at the University of Missouri – Rolla, and worked a few jobs, including as web developer for the Archdiocese Office of Youth Ministry.  And before you ask, he is 6’6”.


The text for this course is The Fulfillment of All Desire by Dr. Ralph Martin (STLYA purchased books are $22).



Event Details

Date(s) - April 26, 2017 - May 31, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Kenrick–Glennon Seminary

Presented by:
Discipulus Institute

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