Men, Women, & the Mystery of Love – Summer Book Study

Men, Women, & the Mystery of Love - Summer Book Study
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Summer is almost here, so it’s time to kick back, grab a cold-brew coffee or beer, and read a good book.

Starting after Memorial Day, we will be hosting co-ed book clubs across St. Louis to explore the truth and beauty of Pope St. John Paul II’s groundbreaking teaching on love, sexuality, and relationships. Groups will meet four times over the course of the summer to discuss the practical insights contained in Dr. Edward Sri’s Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love, a popular text distilling the philosophical teaching contained in JPII’s Love and Responsibility. This lesser-known work was the precursor to the famous Theology of the Body talks delivered at the beginning of his papacy.

Topics include:

  • Friendship: What makes a true friendship and how friendship helps lay the foundation for love.
  • Attraction: The two main ways men and women are attracted to each other and how these attractions can either lead to relationships of selfless love or selfish use.
  • Love: The two aspects of love and how knowing the difference is crucial for any relationship with the opposite sex.
  • Emotions: The difference between feeling “in love” and love itself. How emotions can either be incorporated into love or hinder true love from developing.
  • Sexuality: Why should people wait until they are married to have sex? Why is sex beautiful? How is human sexual desire different from animal instinct?
  • Marriage: How can I build greater trust and intimacy in my marriage? How do I deal with my beloved’s faults? How can I grow in self-giving love?

We’re looking for group facilitators who are willing to lead these book clubs in their homes, coffee shops, parks, and parishes. Groups will meet for approximately 90 minutes each session, and discussion questions will be provided. Facilitators simply need to pick a venue/time, show up, and lead the discussion. If you’d rather not lead, simply sign up below and we will pair you with a group in your area.

Please stop by Pauline Books and Media in South County to grab a copy or purchase online: Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love.

Book Club - Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love

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Date(s) - May 7, 2018 - August 10, 2018
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