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True Leadership: Responding to the Church’s Call for Missionary Disciples

“A leader is more than a skilled director. Good leadership is measured by more than stock price or by the number of people served. It is a way of being. It involves the whole person, from speaking skills and intellectual formation, to character and fundamental commitments. And it takes as its model of leadership, Jesus Christ.”  (Excerpt from the preface of: True Leadership. Naughton and Reyes).

Much of the conversation of missionary discipleship involves the methods and practices of reaching the unaffiliated, but we must pause and consider: ‘who’ is the missionary disciple? This course will provide insights into Christian leadership by examining the conviction, character, vocation, traits, and mission they possess. The course will include large portions of the Habiger Institute’s book, True Leadership with additional selections from the Church’s documents on evangelization, other theological works, and most importantly in depth study of Sacred Scripture.

Required Reading: True Leadership (Purchase here.)


Outline of Course:

Session 1 (June 9): “He who has hears, let him hear” Our Christian Conviction

-in advance of class please read chapter 4 of True Leadership

Session 2 (June 16): No Half-Saints: Examining Character and Virtue

-in advance of class please read chapter 6 of True Leadership

Session 3 (June 23): Our Grand Call: Vocation

-in advance of class please watch “Love” by Sr. Miriam Hediland from SEEK2019*

Session 4 (July 21): Leadership in Real Life: Gifts and Skills in Service of the Gospel

-in advance of class please read chapters 9 & 11 of True Leadership

Session 5 (July 28): Unshakeable Truth: Leaders on Mission

-in advance please watch, “The Hour that Will Change Your Life” by Fr. Mike Schimitz from SEEK2015*

*all videos can be found on YouTube


Event Details

Date(s) - June 9, 2021 - July 28, 2021
7:00 pm

Cardinal Rigali Center

Presented by:
Discipulus Institute

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