Y Catholic: Psycho Cuts Deep- Truth Found in Horror

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Halloween Special- Psycho Cuts Deep: The Truth Found in Horror

Movie critics and podcasters Jake and Cathy Moore will guide us through the movie Psycho and undercover the hidden truths about us and our humanity or lack there of.

Note: We will watch portions of Psycho, a horror film, but graphic content will be cut.

Barrels Taphouse-
364, K, & N (next to Dance Pizazz, Boost Burn Camp)
6:30pm Taco Time!
7:00pm Intro / Talk
8:00pm Small Group Time
8:30pm Wrap Up / Hang Out

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Barrels Taphouse,
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Event Details

Date(s) - October 26, 2021
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Barrels Taphouse

Presented by:
Crossroads St. Charles

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