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Catholic Response for Justice and Peace Webinar
6:56 – Why is it important that the Catholic Church discuss and even instruct the world on matters of racism and policy? Where is the line for how far the Church should be involved?
14:56 – What can we do as a Catholic community to note that all life is precious and needs support? (As our message gets distorted/lost as only being about ending abortion to protect life.)
22:48 – How do we support the good aspects of the recent protests (i.e. protesting unwarranted police violence and any forms of racism) while not supporting specific groups such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ that hold many positions (i.e. human sexuality, family, culture) in direct opposition to Catholic teaching? The media and culture make it seem as if they are necessarily intertwined.
31:08 – How can we break through the noise from the “left” and the “right” when it seems like everyone is forced to choose a side? What lessons can we learn from Christ on keeping our eyes and hearts toward God in times like these?
36:47 – When is passivity on matters of racism (both systemic and personal) a sin of omission (or a sin in general)? We know that racism is a sin but how is the sin manifested?
41:41 – What actions can we take today to make our parishes more welcoming to the marginalized? What are we doing as an Archdiocese to ensure that our priests have knowledge and awareness of cultures outside the one they are born into, especially for priests heading to predominantly (or potentially even completely) white parishes? Will they be able to intelligently advocate for these suffering brothers and sisters to a community that may be unfamiliar with their plight? How can we as Catholic young adults be involved in these efforts?
49:27 – How is the Catholic Church in St. Louis addressing diversity and inclusion in its hierarchy and in its Evangelistic outreach?
1:01:26 – I have a lot of devout conservative Catholics in my family who seem to take a predictable side when it comes to racial justice and reject any movement of the current culture on principle. How can I navigate discussions with them in a gentle but firm way given their perspective?
1:07:45 – What saints serve as guides for the Church on matters of racism and justice?
1:13:52 – As Catholics, what are we supposed to do when people say that those who are silent on these issues are just as responsible as the people who commit these racial crimes? I know we are to help anyway we can, but what are we to do if people don’t view our efforts as being enough?
1:19:38 – Since human beings are created in the likeness and image of God, do all lives matter? And if yes, do all deaths matter, or is the Catholic Church picking and choosing which deaths matter? If the recent racial actions have motivated Zoom meetings and homily content, why haven’t we been hearing about these statistics from Catholic leadership? FBI Website: 2018 Expanded Homicide Table 6 Black on Black Homicides: 2600/2925: 88.9% White on White Homicides: 2677/3315: 80.8% Black on White Homicides: 514/3315: 15.5% White on Black Homicides: 234/2925: 8%
1:28:23 – Will we be sponsoring a racism protest?
1:30:10 – Women sometimes have a greater natural tendency for empathy for people being oppressed because of our less severe experiences of prejudice, violence, disrespect, etc. Just as BIPOC should not be the only ones speaking out for themselves, Catholic women should not be the only ones standing up for them in the white community. How do we encourage white men to use their privilege and authority to speak out when our emotional bandwidth is maxed out?
1:37:40 – More information on privilege.
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