“[In marriage] you don’t sign up to live with a saint, you sign up to make someone a saint, and you give them permission to make you a saint, too.” In this Theology on Tap talk titled “Have Mercy: Dating and Marriage” David and Rachel Leininger share practical advice to navigating relationships as they reveal lessons they learned in each phase of their relationship.

Taking It One Step at a Time

David and Rachel remind young adults that each phase – singlehood, dating, engagement, or marriage – should be cherished. We can learn something new about love and mercy in each step. Within the context of dating, David and Rachel point out the humorous truths of today’s dating culture and provide practical advice on how to successfully overcome the negative aspects of dating norms.

The Need for Mercy

Additionally, David and Rachel expand upon giving and receiving mercy in the vocation of marriage.

“That’s what marriage is, humbly serving your spouse and trying to get them into heaven.”

Finally, mercy is necessary on any marital journey. Each spouse serves the other and leads one another on a path to sainthood in heaven.