In this episode, Fr. Hoesing defines the virtues as a sharing in the life of the Lord and begins to share the dynamic of relational prayer.

He uses the formation of the dignity of the human person to explain how our faculties (reason, will, and appetites), their objects (truth, goodness, and beauty), and their perfected virtues play out in our spiritual life.

Life In The Spirit

“The Holy Spirit! This is what is so missing from our Christian Catholic imaginations – especially in the west!” Father uses the scripture passage on Martha and Mary to explain how a life in the Spirit is necessary for living a virtuous life. Since we no longer have Jesus in our homes, it is necessary to have the Holy Spirit inspire us with a Christian life while we are working. The Catechism says that our vocation is life in the Spirit. From there the Catechism takes us to the virtues.

Living From Our Soul

Father gives a prompt for the next lesson: Imagine someone that lives from their soul. Their faculties are working together properly. What are you moved to desire? List 4 or 5 attributes of these soulful people. The attributes you desire can show you where you are in need of conversion.