Are you in a season of waiting? Lauren Scharmer shares her personal story about how she has learned to seek God during the waiting. 

The STLYA community is pleased to present the fifth installment of our Summer Six-Pack Series.

“Love in the Waiting” with Lauren Scharmer.

The theme for this year’s six-pack is “The Summer of Love” where we will explore different aspects of love and relationships.

“Do you ever fear that this season of being single is wasted?” This (pretty bold!) question from a well meaning friend years ago has fueled a desire to share with others the goodness of God in the waiting. During this talk, Lauren shares about what it means to love well and wholeheartedly, even when we can be tempted to feel like we are waiting for “the next thing”. She looks at friendship & dating, all while using her own experiences to share with others the importance of rallying around the truth that God’s promise is true: He wastes nothing & uses everything for His glory, especially the waiting.

Lauren Scharmer is the director of youth ministry for Saint Louis Life Teen – a multi-parish youth ministry program. Although she remains a lifelong Twins fan, she is grateful to have been able to call St. Louis home for the last four years. She has a special charism for meeting people on airplanes and considers the chance to share the Gospel with teens the privilege of a lifetime. And in case any of you were worried – she cheers for the Cardinals now, too!