Communion and Liberation

Who We Are

“The greatest miracle which left a deep imprint on the disciples everyday was that truly human gaze which revealed man to himself.”

Communion and Liberation is a group of people in the Catholic Church, founded by Servant of God Monseigneur Luigi Giussani, that educates to seek Christ in each moment of daily life.

You are invited to join us every Thursday at 7:30pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish for our weekly meetings where we discuss topics of faith and life based on the Gospel and proposed readings. With the goal to help each other to acknowledge the presence of God in reality and to live better because of the Grace of His companionship, through the faces of friends.  The readings, the prayer, our daily experience are a big, concrete help in recognizing God acting in our lives, and the friendship among us is the privileged way to see Him, trust Him and grow in faith.