Emmaus Groups

Emmaus Groups is a small group program offered to young adults in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. This dynamic program is a small, faith-sharing community where young adults can walk together on the journey of faith, dive into Scripture, and share life with one another. Groups consist of 5-10 members and meet at the convenience of each group.

Emmaus Groups provide opportunities for young adults who often experience transition and newness in a parish setting. It invites them to connect in a deeper way with other young adults.

FAQs About Emmaus Groups

How do I sign up for an Emmaus Group?

Click the button above that says “Join a Group” and we will place you in the best group for you! If you feel called to lead a group, please click the “Lead a Group” button!

Where and when do groups meet?

Groups meet as decided by the group leader with the input of each of the group members. Groups can meet meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on each member’s availability. Most meetings take place at the group leader’s home, but groups can also meet at restaurants, parish halls, coffee shops, or parks. You will be connected to a group where most members live close to you.

Who will I be in a group with?

Our groups are divided into single-sex, co-ed, and engaged/married groups. Our office will place you in a group best suited for you based on your stage of life, age, and location.

Do I have to be Catholic to join an Emmaus Group?

Though most of our members are Catholic, you do not need to be Catholic to join a group. If you are a young adult looking for a faith community, you are welcome! We would love to have you!

What are we studying?

Primarily, Emmaus Groups study and discuss Sacred Scripture. Groups also study the writings of great saints and Christian theologians. Our office publishes Emmaus studies that can be found here. Other small group studies can be found here.

How do I become an Emmaus group leader?

Click the “Lead a Group” button, and our office will contact you to set up an Emmaus Group Leader Training. Through the training you will learn the steps to building an Emmaus Group, practice leading a group, receive resources, and spend time in prayer with other future leaders.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Signing up is easy, it doesn’t cost anything, and there are no commitments. By signing up, you are simply telling us you’re interested in joining a group. We will follow up with you before assigning you to a group.