Tucked into the countryside of Taizé, France, lies a place of discovery, faith, and community.

The ecumenical community of Taizé brothers attracts thousands of young people from all over the world each year. Here they are free to seek the answers to questions about themselves, the world around them, and God. In this podcast, Brother Emile speaks of the necessity to seek, pray, love, and and revere God in the beauty and diversity of life and experiences.

The community was founded in the early 1940s by Brother Roger who devoted his life to fraternity, celibacy, and poverty. Today the community is made up of over 100 brothers from all over the world.

Brother Emile entered the Taizé community over 40 years ago and has since traveled the world leading Pilgrimages of Trust like the one we hosted in St. Louis in May of 2017. Listen to learn about the foundations of this community, the incredible life of Brother Roger, and the Pilgrimage of Trust in St. Louis!