During this Theology on Tap talk, Fr. Chris Martin presents a conversation that he believes we, as Catholic Christians, need to have about the topic of sexual confusion. He emphasizes the importance of approaching the truths of sexual confusion always with the individual in mind.

Human Desire and the Need for Communion

Fr. Martin begins by revealing this important truth that society’s has distorted: People are not defined by their desires, rather desires are part of who people are.

Additionally, Fr. Martin speaks on the need for communion in our lives. He explains heaven as perfect communion in which we are able to love God and love our neighbor perfectly for all eternity. We are able to experience heaven on earth in different degrees. On the flip side, people are also able to experience the opposite of communion, which is isolation. This happens when people feel as though they’re cut off from God, friends, family, or the church. He uses this as a springboard into a conversation on sexual confusion.

Ordering Our Human Sexuality

Everyone has a sexuality in need of redemption. All people are disordered in one way or another. We act in ways that conflict with how and why God created us. With this thought in mind, Fr. Martin emphasizes objective truths, and he explores the church’s teachings in more depth than the media portrays the church to have. He calls us as members of the church to pick up our cross and carry it daily to be a disciple of Christ. Some people’s cross might be sexual confusion, and we should be able to enter into relationships as Simon of Cyrene, to help our brothers and sisters carry their daily cross so that we can journey towards redemption together.