Theology on Tap Podcast

Angels and Demons: Spiritual Warfare in the Modern Age – Jane Guenther

“For everything I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for everything I have not seen.”

In this Theology on Tap talk, Jane Guenther shares simply and profoundly how the Church understands angels and demons. She uses scriptural evidence and revealed tradition to explain the spiritual realm. She also explores ways to combat the evil we contend with in our present culture while learning to rely on the help of angels and saints in this cosmic battle.

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Have Mercy: Dating and Marriage – Rachel & David Leininger

“[In marriage] you don’t sign up to live with a saint, you sign up to make someone a saint, and you give them permission to make you a saint, too.” In this Theology on Tap talk titled “Have Mercy: Dating and Marriage” David and Rachel Leininger share practical advice to navigating relationships as they reveal lessons they learned in each phase of their relationship.

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