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St. Louis Young Adults is an outreach of the Office of Young Adult Ministry in the Archdiocese of St. Louis that serves young adults between the ages of 21-35. We seek to establish a lasting foundation for Young Adult Ministry in our archdiocese, and we support vibrant and visible communities that empower young adults to grow in their relationship with Christ and His Church.

The Office of Young Adult Ministry was started by Archbishop Robert Carlson in Fall of 2011. Since then it has grown to include two full-time staff members who collaborate with parishes, develop young adult leaders, support young adult groups within the Archdiocese, and organize events for St. Louis Young Adults.

Faith Encounter Opportunities

We provide faith formation for young adults through retreats, catechesis, conferences, bible studies, and many other events. These opportunities allow our members to grow in relationship with Christ, in an understanding of the Catholic faith, and in community with one another.

Building Community

Through both large and small group events, we provide opportunities for young adults to encounter their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We hope to inspire a generation of “men and women for and with others” that support and challenge each other as well as the greater Church community. Through young-adult centered events, we seek to fulfill the fundamental desires of unity and fellowship.

Culture of Leadership

We seek to empower young adults to become transformative leaders. We encourage members to be active in their parishes, using their gifts and talents, challenging them to become contributing members to our ministry, taking roles in their own parish apostolates, and serving within the St. Louis community.

Social Responsibility

Our ministry connects young adults to local groups for volunteer opportunities that promote the rights and dignity of all people. We desire for young Catholics to be visually present in the Church, particularly in serving the poor and marginalized of our city and in the development of society.


“The Church exists to evangelize.” Our ministry seeks to support and create a vibrant and visible community of young adults that attracts others to the Gospel and the truths of the Catholic Church. Through leadership training, Discipulus Institute courses, conferences, and talks, we hope to equip young adults to be effective evangelists to the world.


Aware of the Catholic Church’s call to “make disciples of all nations,” our mission challenges young adults to follow this mission in their families, work, and social spheres. Our office serves as a support for young adults in their work.

the team

Nick Lee

Nick Lee

Director of Young Adult Ministry
Angela Richard

Angela Richard

Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry

"Responding to the invitation of Christ, young adults will become transformative leaders in their parishes, communities, and the world."

Our Vision

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