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One-on-one with Bobby Hofman: Via

Bobby Hofman, founder of Via St. Louis, meets with the Office of Young Adult Ministry to discuss young adult leadership and building community in time of transition.

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Taking on Transition: A College Graduate’s Guide

Are you a senior in college and don’t exactly know where to go or what to do after graduation? Hey, me too! The sheltered college life and the “real world” are two very different stages of life and we hope to make that transition easier.

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Theology on Tap Podcast

Praying Through My Priorities – Fr. Anthony Wieck, SJ

“Praying Through My Priorities: How to Experience the Joys of a Purpose Driven Life”

In this talk, Fr. Anthony Wieck offers practical wisdom for finding balance in our life, using Ignatian forms of prayer as a basis for determining and implementing Godly priorities.

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What is Suffering For?

In the history of philosophy and theology, a great deal of time and energy has been spent on the question; How can a good God permit the existence of evil and suffering?

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Discipulus Institute Podcast

Emmaus Studies